Neck Deep || Rain in July + Snapchat

i stopped sending my feelings
to my heart
a long time ago.
why should one organ do all the work?
so I distributed the pain.
I sent self-loathing to my toes
so I could walk it off,
whenever I needed to.
and I sent the hurtful words
made about my appearance
and my personality
directly to my liver.
I figured it could handle
another toxin.
i sent the unrequired feeling
that left me broken
straight to my bloodstream,
so they could keep
going and going.
i sent anger
towards my kidneys
and I shot my anxiety
towards my spleen
i gave my heart nothing
but my will to live,
i figured it deserved
to have a little hope

- amandaspoetry, Amanda Helm (via amandaspoetry)

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dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

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i am cats

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